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Starfish weight belt Bronze/Silver/Gold

Starfish weight belt Bronze/Silver/Gold

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Having trouble with achieving neutral buoyancy? Or looking into getting a weight belt, but all the weight belts on the market don't have the weights hidden and you still want the safety feature of the belt?

Introducing the Starfish Weight Belt! This belt allows you to still have the safety features of a diving belt but has the weights hidden! Plus if needed this belt allows you to be able to switch out the belt if needed. 

The silicone part itself is 33 inches long and will fit hip size of 36+. If you need a smaller or longer belt I can definitely construct one to fit you. It just might take and extra week to sculp but I am willing to make one that will fit you! The rubber belt that I use has a max of 46 inch and width of 2 inch. 

You can choose between 3 metalish colors!




You can also choose the amount of weight ! (this is added weight ontop of the silicone weight and the belt, silicone itself is weightless in the water

+0lbs ($150 usd) can have a mesh tie or string tie

+4lb ($190 usd) rubber weight belt comes with it, with safety release latch

+5lb ($210 usd) rubber weight belt comes with it, with safety release latch

+6lb ($230 usd) rubber weight belt comes with it, with safety release latch


****With this belt you will get a safety sheet on how to care for your belt and proper usage. ****


Belt process time takes 2 weeks - 1 month to complete due to shipping in some of the materials. For shipping I would recommend doing a priority box since they are a flat rate cost for any weight.

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Customer Reviews

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Jamie Buck
The best mermaid magic is perfectly camouflaged equipment

I love this belt! The weights are set in the silicone for a seamless belt style that adds flair to costuming without being obviously a weight belt. The belt itself still loops through and disconnects from the weights as needed. The belt clip is easy on and off with a 3 second or less release. It checks all my boxes for style and safety!