Mermaid Tails

Silicone mermaid tails are the most lifelike tails out there! Custom and crafted with pearl pigments that shimmer and glisten just like real fish scales.

Unique Designs

Here at Tiger Shark Mermaid, we want to bring your dream tail to life. Each tail design we make will be a one of a kind. Meaning that we will not replicate a design completely. We want to make sure every one can have a special tail and a work of art!

If you are looking for a high quality tail made with perfection, quality, and a realistic pattern. Then our tails might be what your looking for!

Tail News

I have always been amazed by not only the power but beauty of silicone mermaid tails. Their realistic patterns and all the possibilities for patterns and designs are limitless. I made a decision to start making tops and once I felt confident in my skills with silicone I would start making tails.

Now that time arrived where I started making tails! I excited to be apart of making theses tails for others to bring their dreams to life.

Tail Slots

Currently I am working on the two filled slots I have, I will post on my social media platforms about when I will be offering more slots. My reason for offering limited slots is I want to offer quality silicone tails that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. I don't want to make tails that take years to complete because I know that these tails are business investments to some and to others a great tool for a fintastic hobby. Individuals rely on these tails for performances, expand their business, or just for fun.

About Ordering

Tail Features/Pricing

Tail Rundown

$3,800 usd

This package includes the Mermaid Tail with all of its features (this includes competitor monofin, multiple color options, infinite color combos, 4-way black mesh covering the inside, and drainage system)

Additional Add ons

$100 blended waist

$200 dorsal fin addition

$150 - pair of heel fins addition+ free mermaid top to go with it!

~Shipping will be calculated once the tail is completed. The reason being is that the shipping cost varies depending on where the tail is being shipped.~

How Do I Order?

So your ready to place an order please email to check availability.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Currently I offer a Half and Half Payment Plan option. Once the total price is calculated (this doesn't include shipping) the price will be split up into two payments. The first payment will include half the total cost of the tail and the second payment will be the other half + shipping cost. The other half of the payment will not be due until the tail is complete.

Once the final payment has been received with the shipping, your tail will be shipped out to you!

What is the Time Frame

Silicone tail themselves take quite a long time to construct. This is due to shipping material, curing time of silicone, upholding the highest quality, and other.

Currently since I am starting out, I am taking limited orders for silicone tails. That way I can complete them within 3-6 months upon payment. If any changes occur in design or additions want to be added, this can effect the time frame of the tail.

Can I Swim In These Tails?

Yes, you can swim in these tails in fresh water, chlorinated water, and salt water. Just make sure that after you use your tail to take the proper procedure to clean, dry, and maintain your tail.

Silicone tails can last for years if taken care of properly.

These tails are made from medical grade silicone which is durable and skin safe.